About myself

About Me and how I became to be this way. (There’s gotta be a lesson to learn here somewhere)

I have always had a sense of humor although I have to admit it has gotten me into trouble in the past like disrupting the grade school class room or the occasional sarcastic remark in the state of intoxication made to a really big dumb ass redneck who didn’t take it in the spirit that it was intended.  Actually it was intended to be funny to others around us and to insult him.  Poor judgment on my part.  All I can say is, thank God for empty beer pitchers and idiots who have real hard heads. Otherwise this blog would probably be coming from prison.  I have since learned to use humor responsibly, that goes for drinking too.

I was adopted by good and caring parents although I am not sure how much we liked each other on a given day depending on how much of a brat I had been.  I do know that we loved each other. 

I joined the U.S. Marine Corps right out of high school  during the height of the Vietnam war.  I didn’t do it out of patriotism or a sense of duty but rather took the opportunity to really piss my parents off not to mention scare the crap out of them.  My dad used to bust my ass for getting crappy grades in school and would say  “damn it boy if you don’t get your act together all your going to do is wind up in a fox hole.  Mom would look on and nod approval at my chastisement.  Well needless to say I never improved my attitude toward academic achievement and graduated at near the bottom of my class.  To give it prospective if the Valedictorian or Salutatorian were to be selected in reverse i.e. non achievement, I would have been giving a speech.  Knowing me, that would not have been a good thing.  Anyway after graduation I said Fuck you I’ll show your asses and enlisted in the Marine Corps.  Needless to say in the coming 3 years I learned some hard lessons about why you should listen to your parents and not be a smart a assed kid.  Some how I survived which proves that in war it’s not enough to be tough and well trained you also need to be lucky. All things considered I must have had a horseshoe up my ass.

My Politics.

I was a Republican for about 28 years and voted accordingly without giving it much thought.  Currently I am registered as Non Aligned, and consider myself a moderate meaning I have some views that are conservative and some that would be considered liberal.  I actually think, and don’t like being fed bull shit.  I wonder if I will go hell for voting for Nixon. How about Nixon and Reagan, twice? I cut my liability and did not vote for Dubya.  So maybe I’ll just get a real crappy cloud in Heaven, you know the kind that's dark and full of acid rain.  Actually if I remember right Nixon signed the clean air act and started the EPA.  Shit he’d be tarred and feathered by the party today. Now I vote for whoever has no chance of winning because I don’t want to feel guilty about the crap piss and corruption that’s raining down on my country,  and also so in a conversation with a friend or acquaintance on political issues I can say with all honestly , “don’t blame me, I didn’t vote for that asshole.”  Kind of tricky being able to tell the truth and lie my ass off at the same time.  Crap I just realized I’m a hypocrite. I need to stop calling politicians names.

So you can get to know me better here’s some of my views.  You will see that I fit no specific political mode or ideology.

 Moderate views
                                                       Social issues- 
Government Support and assistance:    I believe we have an obligation to assist those in need but need to be careful not to waste resources on those who are lazy and useless.  These are the assholes that suck up stuff we could use to help the real people in need.

Gay Marriage-  I don’t have a problem with it but feel it’s not up to the federal government and should be a state issue.  I still don’t see how it’s a threat to marriage between a man and a women.

Gun control-  I have a concealed weapons permit and have no objection to to background checks and other laws that help prevent mindless idiots from getting fire arms.  Unfortunately some state laws are way to lax.  Why the hell does anyone need a frikken full automatic assault weapon.  If  you like that shit join the Military you will have more than enough opportunity to shoot the crap out of stuff.  I know I liked it. I  am not sure what the 2nd amendment really says.  I'm pretty sure that the reference to a " well regulated militia" groups of drunken redneck idiots running around the woods with assault weapons.  

Conservative views

Fiscal conservative-  don’t waste money on crap, pay the bills and borrow as little as possible. Screw Nation building, we should rebuild our own. We already shot our wad on Germany and Japan and look what happened, they got real good at it. and now their kicking our ass.

Crime-   Treat prison inmates humanly but it ain’t a Holiday Inn so no  fucking weights and shit that makes them bigger and meaner, If you get busted inside with drugs 1 year in solitary, if you kill another prisoner or guard take them out and shoot them right then and there.  Screw ‘em they pissed away their civil rights when the got locked up. All hard drug dealers should be shot. I do believe there are innocent people locked up because of our screwed up judicial system.

Death Penalty-  Needs to be handed out more evenly and consistently for the right reasons and then just do it.  There are a lot of no brainers on death row sucking up good air that need to be taking a dirt nap.  There are also others that raise some serious questions..  The appeals are too long, no need to have time to find Jesus they can do that when they see him in person, or Allah or Baal or  Grover Norquist  whoever they happen to start praying to, to save their worthless asses

Method of Execution:  I think the  subject dirt bag should be killed in the manner in which the Victim was murdered or as close as possible.  I realize that in cases of multiple murders that you can only kill the prick once.  Maybe don't tell em when you're going to do it and at random drag em out and fake it. I also am partial to methods used by Vlad Dracula like impalement.

Military Service-  I think every one should have to serve in the military or if not physically  able  serve in a civilian service job for at least 2 years.  This should be required to have the privilege of voting or holding government office.

Some liberal views
There is and always has been a separation of Church and State, if you believe otherwise stop drinking that damn cool aid and frikken read the  constitution and other historical evidence.

Evolution  makes more sense and is backed by physical evidence and scientific observation.  Science provides for change based on new evidence,  I can deal with that.

Prostitution should be legal.  Remember prohibition? You want this crap off the street and out of sight, legalize it and set strict health standards.  "But it’s immoral and an offensive  to God" you say.  Well we have liquor stores and bars, do you go and get drunk just because you can?  Woops bad example.  If there was a Whore house down the street would you go there and get laid just because you can?  No, you’d do it because you’re horny , you haven’t masturbated in 35 years because you were told you would go blind and your wife is a cold assed fat evangelical bitch that thinks sex for any reason is dirty. But, if you are married and love your wife and she makes you happy in all ways you're not going partake.  Are you?

Marijuana should be legal it’s no worse that alcohol or cigarettes and trying to control it is a waste of resources. It’s a multi billion dollar taxable industry and is never going away. 


This is America and we have freedom of religion written into our constitution which is why we also have a separation of church and state in the first place.  You do not have the right to ram you bull shit down my throat any more than I have the right to ram my bull shit down yours.  And no I am not an Atheist.

Noah’s Ark-   A genetic and physical impossibility, I guess that’s why they call it a miracle. I call it a myth.

The Great Flood.  I got some news for ya, there’s been more than one and there is absolutely no evidence of a global flood during the time of human existence.  It is a story that comes from the collective memories of prehistoric civilizations that were covered by rising oceans at the end of the last ice age.  Some of you more conservative people may experience a similar effect when our coastal areas go under water due to rising oceans levels caused by global warming. Be sure to thank idiots like Rush Limbaugh for staying on top of that one for ya, or the billionaires like the Koch brothers that pay him to spread disinformation. Remember Limbaugh gets paid millions of dollars to feed bull shit to any dumb ass that will swallow it and he can afford the top penthouse floor of the building while the rest of you flat earth dopes will be on the ground floor gathering barnacles on your dumb asses.

Creationism,  I defer to the fossil record which I am confident wasn’t placed there by Satin to deceive us.  I also should point out, in the words of the great philosopher and comedian Lewis Black, the Flintstones are not a natural history documentary.  Every religion has a creation story and they are all different, someone has to be full of shit.  I have no objection to this creation concept being taught in church or Sunday School or even Bob Jones College. It doesn’t belong in public schools or any serious educational institution unless it is presented in the context of a comparative religions class like one that I took in college. I am going to leave it here for now. I’m sure I will go off on a creationism tirade sometime in the future.

Intelligent Design- Is an attempt to make creationism more palatable to those who are kind of on the fence. It is a lame attempt to make bull shit smell like roses. It also shows weak faith.

In conclusion I am not a big fan of most religion but as long as you are not doing human or worse animal sacrifice and leave me the hell alone I will, and have defended your right to practice your religion.  I wonder if some of you hard core religious people out there would do the same for me.

I think from this revelation of my inner feelings about things you can see how I don’t quite fit in with our current political 2 party all or none system.  My thoughts and opinions range from wing nut tobacco spittin red neck asshole conservative to puke liberal pinko commie atheist demon liberal,  and if I have offended anyone or everyone then I have succeeded.

I always wondered why so many Americans feel they have to be liberal or conservative or batshit crazy Nazis.  It seems to me that common sense and reason is often absent from all of these groups and allegedly none of them are but a small minority by themselves, so where are the Americans that are sane? 

“ You cannot mix religion with a democratic government, to do so would change both into something else  far worse than either one of them had they remained separate. You only have to look at history to see this is true. 
The Gospel According to wolf

Side note:  If you are searching for historical truth on anything, avoid any text book that was approved by the Texas Board of Education or quotes from Michele Bachmann.