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 1 -21-13

 The 2nd term of President Obama starts today.   The Republicans are trying to figure out why the got their asses kicked and worrying about their future relevance.   I’m worried about the future relevance of Conservatism too.  We need a  valid second opinion going forward and a strong viable party to convey that message but as it stands right now the GOP ain’t it.

 I was listening to Morning Joe this morning as is my habit.  The reason I tune into MJ and not FOX news is because I want to here sane conservative opinion and the truth not insane crap, lies and propaganda  put out by Corporate dirtbags like the Koch brothers and Rupert Murdock.     What I am hearing from Joe Scarborough and Colin Powell among  a few other Republicans is that the Party needs to move away from the bat shit crazy right.     The problem is that the GOP feeling the need to develop a base composed of the most ignorant group in this country,  the religious right,   and welcomed the old racist Dixiecrats  in order to gain votes in national elections.  The results speak for themselves.

The Bat Shit crazy right has gotten their asses handed to them in 2 straight presidential elections  because they did everything wrong.   Here is a list of the  things that killed conservatives.

1.  The message is made up of distortions lies and ignorance directed at the goober base which is  a large group but not a majority.  The moderates and independents were not sufficiently impressed.

2.    In the  tiny minds of the leadership the way back to power was to  Obstruct anything that the sitting president wanted to do in the way of improving the economy which was wrecked by Republican policies.  In my mind McConnell’s  one term president goal is the poster for stupid statements.  He projected the goal of fuck the country to regain power.

3.     Instead of sending a message that works for all Americans they pandered to the wingnut right and blatantly tried to suppress the vote of  minorities and  what they perceived as likely Democratic voters.   The Prevention of voter fraud was nothing more that a covering attempt to make bull shit smell like roses. I believe it served to motivate the usually lazy left to get off their asses and vote.

4.  Intelligent voters can look at our current economy and see marked improvement and ask just what the  hell did the Republicans contribute. The answer is nothing.  The question now is how much better would our economic future be if the Republicans simply contributed something useful.  My guess is there would be significant improvement.

5.  Congress,  since 2011 Tea Bagger infestation has managed to set a record for stupidity and earned the lowest favorability rating in  history.  And may even top that record in the next congress since the 113th congress still suffers from  batshititis. 

6.  Running a primary campaign that featured the very worst of the idiot right and then pulling your eventual candidate so far right he can’t come back.

7.  Projecting the ignorant face of the bat shit right on  constant basis,  crap like the birthers,  legitimate rape, and going after birth control.  No useful jobs bills put forward but plenty of repeal Obama care bills,  lady parts bills and obstruction. 

The Republican brand is at it’s lower point in my lifetime  and it’s self inflicted.  When the  face of the party is  represented by the likes of  the clowns that we saw in the last election cycle  there's a problem.

In My humble opinion what’s left of the true conservative Republicans should either leave it and form a real conservative party or kick out the idiots.  Yah they will loose a base but they will have a chance in time of gaining a  share of the real America.  Let the wingnut right form their own party.  They can name it the  DAP  “dumb ass party” As it stands right now the GOP is on the road to oblivion along with the Wigs and the Federalists.  

Politics  12-11-12

The Republicans don’t seem to be able to deal with reality having taken a beating in the November elections.  The  current polls reflect the large majority of people  agree with the Democrat’s stand on taxing the top 2% at a  higher rate.  

I have heard some interesting things on Fox News the biggest was Anne Coulter agreeing that the Republicans are going to have to cave on taxes.  Holy Crap!  The queen of the bat shit crazy right   pundits  sees the hand writing on the wall.    Sean Hannity is still in denial.   Hannity acts like a child that has just discovered that there is no Santa and that reindeer don’t fly.  He’s got to know but still keeps looking up to the sky just in case.

Most of what I have heard out of the mouths of Republicans when asked abut taxes still repeat the mindless statement that we don’t want to raise taxes on the job creators.   The problem is that most of the voters now know that the top 2% don’t create jobs.  The Bush Tax cuts created  no job growth  none, nothing, and contributed to the recession and

Our huge national debt.

Speaker Boehner is  in the worst position of all having a dozen or so Tea Bagger knives pointed at his back.  He has zero control of the Tea Bagger caucus and they  are wrecking his tenure   as Speaker.  Ya wanna think about a real nightmare?  What if in the new congress the baggers manage to dethrone Boehner and put  a  bat shit crazy bagger sympathizer in his place.   That scares me way more than the Mayan Cylinder and


Senator DeMint has packed it in and will retire to become the head resident evil wingnut at the Heritage Foundation.  For those of you that don’t know what the Heritage Foundation does,  it’s a conservative think tank.  I like to call it a  wingnut stink tank which fits DeMinto like a glove.  He was a waste of air in the Senate and did as much as anyone to damage the Republican brand in the Senate and the country.  He supported a list of kookaboos that with out a doubt through the last two election cycles 2010 & 2012 destroyed any chance the Republithugs had in controlling the senate.  Ironically this is probably a good thing for the Republicans; it’s sort of like taking a big crap after a long bout of constipation.   But not to worry,  ol  DeMinto will be out there promoting  the knuckle dragging extreme right agenda.


Within days of President Obama’s Reelection  the Wingnut succession groups started gathering  signatures on petitions for their state to secede from the union.  Granted there are some of these idiots in all 50 states but most are in the Red states.  You know,  states with large populations of ignorant pissed off religious white people who are scared to death by anyone of color, or educated  or has a different point of view to their narrow minded world view.

 I  was thinking what effect this would have on the U. S.  and I think one of the most drastic changes is that our relative low average I Q (compared to the rest of the world) would rise exponentially.    I hate to say it but it is a known fact that the average education level and intelligence in the Red states is lower than in the blue states.  The Red states would become ethnically cleansed and would  get very white and stupid and the Blue states would remain superior in all ways except  for ownership of assault rifles, chewing tobacco and the production of Meth Amphetamine, moonshine and Jacked up trucks with mud tires.  Of course NASCAR would flourish.

 I wonder what kind of a political system they would have.  A two party system like maybe the  Far right tobacco spittin wingnuts   Vs  the low IQ batshit crazy Christian Party with maybe a fringe third party like the “ End of day’s  Rapture Party”.  That would be kind of interesting to watch.  Their political conventions would have fun things like a token lynching of a non believer commie person of color and free ammo for your AK.  There might even be some drunken gun fights .   One thing for sure it will be  a major league world class stupid fest.

 Another thing that will happen is that the sports teams will get  better in the North and to white in the south unless of course the Rednecks are willing to pay for good players and let em eat in the white sections of the restaurant cause they’re good ball players.      The Black team members will pee and crap in the newly added colored bath rooms.     There would be no NBA in the new Confederate States.   Since most professional athletes are college educated and used to dealing with teammates  that are of other races and even nationalities I can’t see to many wanting to live and work in the red states.   

There would be a definite  foreign policy problem in that  the Redneck diplomats would have no one who could speak anything but bad English and have no knowledge of other cultures so I think it would be only a short period of time until the rest of the world was permanently insulted by these red State morons.   

The Red state would almost certainly loose more that 50% of its potential productive population because women would be relegated to being kept home cooking cleaning and making more white babies.  The Death rate due to pregnancy would go way up because access to good health care would be limited.    There would be a healthy slave population made from the prison population so you could count on good roads and the crops would be picked real cheap.

Some  former Republicans would have to  consider fleeing the country altogether because if they were caught in the U.S. they would be hanged for treason and high crimes.  Here is a list along with their punishment.

Shot for Treason and high crimes.

George W. Bush

Dick Chaney

Donald Rumsfeld

John Ashcroft

Mitch McConnell

Sentenced to hard labor for up to 20 years

Tom Delay

The Koch Brothers

Several dozen Wall Street Bankers

Pat Robertson

Donald Trump

Of course this is all fantasy and at leased for now I doubt that there will be any serious secession  attempts.  The fact that it even came up shows how divided the country had become.  It’s sad really, and I which I know how to fix it. 

                                                   Post election blues

“I went to bed last night feeling that we are outnumbered”   said Rush Limbaugh on election night.  He’s right, the ignorant hate mongering greedy racist asshole white right is outnumbered.   In spite of a hard effort to suppress the minority vote in  swing states like Florida, Ohio and Pennsylvania  among  other states and despite hundreds of millions of dollars  invested by the Koch Brothers among others to spread the hate and propaganda in an effort to swing the independent vote,  The GOP  failed and it wasn’t even that close. It wasn’t all Mitt Romney’s fault,   Most of his problem was the Party he represented which forced him so far right of reason that he couldn’t in the end connect with enough of the independent vote to make a difference.  The Country club Republicans don’t have the numbers  and are getting fewer,  the religious right is formidable at  the state level and local levels but  turns off moderate voters when they rear they’re ugly ignorant heads on a national level.  The electorate of angry white men now is only 34% down more that 12% in the last 25 years.   The disconnect is getting worse every day.   The fastest growing parts of the electorate, Blacks, Latinos, Asians, Young single Women, and younger voters under 40 are by a large percentage turned off by the Social extremists.  Anne Coulter was right, if we nominate Mitt Romney we will loose.” 
But as usual Anne only tells part of the truth at best.  You didn’t loose because of Romney. Republicans lost because they are dominated by religious right Kookaboos and owned by a handful of super wealthy individuals.   It is also apparent to anyone with that thinks for themselves that President Obama was obstructed at every turn and there was still some recovery.   It was Republicans who got us into this crap so says 62% of the electorate There was no interest by Republicans in anything other than using obstruction to regain power, none of which had anything to do with improving the economy for the benefit of all Americans. That’s because the Republicans don’t care about all Americans and apparently a lot of Americans know it.  Hell the hand full of Country Clubers that kiss religious right ass to stay in office  are only using the dumb ass religious right dopes for votes.  In return the dumb ass Religious right is using the  Republicans to attain their goal of having a white theocratic government replace our democracy. Sooner later this parasitic relationship has to blow up.

 I have one last rant.  This has to do with the common crap spewed by  the big noise conservatives talking heads that label the Democrat Base as low information voters.

You could be right.  But as usual only half the truth is told.   The independent voters that didn’t buy into the Republican bull shit were to intelligent  not to smell the rat.  And as far as low information voters goes how about the 15-20 million religious right sheep that get their voting direction from the pulpit.  Is far as I am concerned if you believe the Flintstones is a Natural History documentary you should not even be able to vote.  So I’d say it’s pretty even on the stupid voter count.
One other observation, the so called  people that vote democrat because they want to get free stuff, sit on their asses and suck money from the hard working rich are voting that way because they stand to get something for it.  The goober 8th grade graduate that thinks the earth is 8,000 years old gets told who to vote for in the name of God and is getting screwed by the Republicans just like everyone else.  Who's stupid?

If I had any advise to give I would tell the GOP to dump the religious right, let them form their own fucking party and what ever is left of you start becoming human beings that actually care about all Americans, and show that you are willing and able to use commonsense and reason to Govern for the benefit of all of us.  I guarantee you that this will in the end win,   

The Republicans don’t seem to be able to deal with reality having taken a beating in the November elections.  The  current polls reflect the large majority of people  agree with the Democrat’s stand on taxing the top 2% at a  higher rate.  

I have heard some interesting things on Fox News the biggest was Anne Coulter agreeing that the Republicans are going to have to cave on taxes.  Holy Crap!  The queen of the bat shit crazy right   pundits  sees the hand writing on the wall.   


The impending debates on what to do in the wake of the mass murder of 20 children and 6 adults  at an elementary school on 12-14-12  are going to be focused on the usual.  The liberal left will be going after assault weapons and large capacity ammo clips.  I agree that these issues are part of the problem but they are only a part not the whole problem.  I wonder if we will do what is always done, treat a few symptoms with half politically watered down measures and allow the disease to go on and on.   I see this as several issues not just a ban on assault weapons.  We need to address other issues that are just as much a part of the problem as the guns themselves.  It’s true that guns don’t kill, people kill and the combination of a mentally ill sociopath and fire arms is a bad combination.  We live in the most violent country in the so called western industrialized world.  There are more gun related deaths in this country   on an annual basis than any of our wars in the last 4 decades.   I hope we can look at all the contributing causes and seek solutions and not just  go after the guns.   One thing that really pissed me off was a comment made on FUX News by Mike Huckleberry “ this is what happens when we take GOD out of the schools. “ What a stupid self-serving statement to make to people at their most vulnerable state of mind, in the aftermath of this terrible loss of life.  I have a question for all the wingnut religious right  gun toten goobers out there.  Where the hell was your God on Friday morning when children and teachers were no doubt praying for their lives?  Screw you assholes.

Questions & observations

Why are almost all  (2 exceptions)  mass murderers  Pissed off white guys. 

 There are no Female mass murders that I can think of .  I do see some potential in some of my X-Girlfriends.

Will there be enough legislators with the courage to do the right thing   in spite of NRA pressure,that will actually help curb this senseless violence.
I am going to attempt to give a logical explanation for the concept of Intelligent Design why it was created and why so many people buy into the idea.

First let me state that any con job needs two participants.  The Con artists who seek financial gain from perpetrating a falsehood  and the victims who  usually for reasons of their weakness fall into the trap and are thus fleeced  like sheep.  

The tools used by the con artist are usually playing on what ever emotion works best for that particular con.  For instance a straight up con for profit usually plays on Greed as the predominant factor in gaining a successful result.   The one for profit con has one flaw,  it ends and the con artist must find a new mark and repeat the process over and over again.   
The second type of con is one most used by politicians and religious leaders.  They use two very powerful  emotions or states of mind to accomplish a long term hold on their victims.  Fear and ignorance.  The most powerful of these is fear.  If you can create a fear you can get even intelligent
educated people to act irrationally.   A good example would be Senator Joe McCarthy and his anti communist reign of terror in the United States congress back in the 5Os. 
The most powerful tool used by con artists is to combine the two into a super con.  A good example of this would be the 10s of thousands of innocent people that were murdered by Christian religious zealots all over Europe and also in the American colonies,  for witch craft.   A long story short here,  Religion is a con that uses both fear and ignorance to manipulate people and to keep them sending that money to support the fight against evil.
Now that I have established the method and motivation,  lets look at the con itself,  specifically the concept of intelligent design.   One of the things that has happened over the last 2 thousand years is that Science has taken some big leaps forward where as Religion has basically not changed much at all.  this creates a problem?  If a kid reads the story on Noah's Arch and then goes to a science class and actually get taught real science he has a WTF moment and starts to question the validity of Genesis the bible and maybe even God.   If  a Kid studies any of the life sciences to any degree and has a certain capability of intellect  that Kid is going  have a WTF moment about Creation as told by the Bible.   It's almost like when you learn that Santa Claus is not real, you wonder how you ever bought into the story in the first place.  The reason is that you were ignorant of the truth and it was a nice fantasy.

All of this factual information, logic and reason becomes problematic for the religious con artists because it starts to erode their cash flow.  So now there is a real problem,  too many people are loosing their fear and getting educated and the con no longer works because you would have to be fucking stupid to believe the crap much less send in the money.   Then someone comes up a brilliant solution to save con.  Intelligent design.  When the room starts to stink spray some deodorant  and call it clean.  When the lie doesn't work make up another lie.  Keep in mind that the sheep are still under the hold of fear and ignorance and the religious con artists doesn't care about conversion all they care about is keep the sheep in line and making sure they keep breading more sheep.  Hell it actually makes sense from a practical stand point.

Here's why Intelligent design really doesn't work and only a real moron,  would buy into it.  The biggest problem is a lot of way is that it doesn't  agree with Genesis 100% and it still contains all the holes in it that Genesis does except it exposes them even more.   It still has never produced a single shred of empirical evidence to support it,  and in fact us taught and presented by a long list of people with PHd in front of their names in white coats that don't have a degree from an accredited college or university.  Instead they got their bogus degrees from one of the Holy Joe colleges that have no accredited science curriculum.   They also set up bogus Straw Man arguments that easily trip up the ignorant choir.  In Short they are still lying to people, still bilking these people out of money and getting filthy rich they just adapted to new market conditions.

One of the things that piss me off is seeing the word creationism and science used in the same context.  They are two very different things.  If your stupid or uneducated you won't know the difference and that's why you are a believer and a victim of the religious con.    
How do we as an enlightened, intelligent secular society combat this group of cons?  We keep the truth pouring fourth and never let our guard down and allow fear and ignorance to win.  Vote for candidates that  support the separation of church and state.   Do not support any law that is simply based on religious dogma.   
One piece of advise,  don't bother to debate a creationist.  Debates are philosophical arguments between peer in that both may present a credible argument.  A debate with a dumb ass ignoramus is not a debate it's simply a mindless argument that is a waste of time and can't be won.

I just heard some disturbing information concerning the future of our  scientific pursuits in this country.  Apparently the chair of the science related committee, a Texas congressman, is trying to sneak in a bill that will allow his committee to decide what is worthy of funding or what is not.  The plan is to attack certain things that the wing nuts don’t like as in climate research and most all of the social science studies that come up with shit they don’t want to hear.  These religious right goobers are frikken evil.  They want us to stay stuck in the 1950s and never move forward with the rest of the world.   If you vote GOP you are voting for stupid.   I have no problem with conservative I do have a problem with FUCKING BAT SHIT CRAZY AND STUPID PEOPLE making decisions that effect the well being of humanity. 

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