The Republican Plan


The Republicans are and always have been well organized; they simply spent most of the 20th century getting blamed for crap like the great depression, and the abuses of big business.  They also kept us out of WW2 for a while.   Although the White House was often occupied by a Republican president the congress was dominated by Democrats and until recently compromise was the rule and sometimes things got done, which is kind of the way our government was intended to work?

Now that the old Republican Party has morphed into its new evil form it is well on its way to destroying democracy as we once thought we knew it.  How will they do this?  Here’s how.  Step One.  Gain a true conservative base.   This step is the one that Senator Berry Goldwater decried as a bad move.   It was the marriage of the religious right to the Republican Party now and for all time, until the death of America do us part.  Here’s what Goldwater said.

Goldwater was as conservative as they come and no one ever accused him of having a liberal bone in his body but he feared the Religious Right as a group that would wreck the GOP and eventfully destroy the whole idea of Democracy.

Step one is near complete and in a rock solid position to do exactly what Goldwater feared they would do.  Take a look at the 2012 GOP candidate list. 3 of the 8 are religious nut jobs that even scare the crap out of what passes for a main stream Republican.  Throw in a Clown like pizza man Herman Cain, a mad intellectual serial hypocrite like Gingrich, and a libertarian like Ron Paul and you have a predominantly un electable group.  Which leaves John Huntsman,  WHO?   Mitt Romney, and The Donald.  The only ones that never were at the top of the polls early on were Huntsman, Paul, and Romney.  Romney being the eventual winner.  The wackos dominated the first half of the primaries.


 Michelle Bachman- a evangelical  homophobic wack job that  thinks we can pray our way to deficit reduction and God sends storms to get us to pay attention to our budget.

Rick Perry- This asshole held a prayer day in a stadium prior to the announcement of his candidacy and his list of speakers were among the who’s who of insane extreme religious nut cases in the country.  These morons believe that the Statue of Liberty is a pagan goddess and should be torn down,  Opra is the Whore of Babylon,  and that we should be doing all we can to bring the world to Armageddon in order to fulfill Gods prophecy.

Rick Santorum – A fundamentalist Catholic who ignores the Church’s culture of molestation of children and believes that contraceptives should be outlawed because they invite all kinds of fornication and sodomy that the church frowns on. This idiot would probably like to eliminate fire extinguishers because they encourage arson.

These were the three worst of the religious right morons and each and every one were at the top of the polls at one time or another until one by one they were exposed for the
idiots that they really are.  Actually they were always seen as idiots by most of the rest of the party.  It was in the states where there are pockets of low intellect, 700 club watchers that voted for these candidates. 

It’s obvious that the religious extremists haven’t completely taken over because a Mormon is now the presumptive nominee.  There were enough of these people in every Red State primary to perpetuate these three assholes for several months. 

STEP TWO:   is also a big part of the plan because it insures that the GOP will always have a reliable base that is larger and better funded than any opposing party.  How are they doing this?   They attack the largest special interest group that traditionally supports Democrats, the Unions.   States now controlled by Republican legislators are systematically destroying collective bargaining starting with the public sector.  Wisconsin & Ohio are two shining examples.  Do Unions need to be part of the solution and make some sacrifice?  Hell yes.  They have a history of abuses and outrageous demands and have been part of the reason why manufacturing literally disappeared from this country. The Republicans however have an ulterior motive.  Destroy the Unions and destroy the Democrat base and thus destroy the opposition.  Once the Democrats are sufficiently weakened the unions can be killed off without any problem at all. But first things first, get rid of the Democrats.  It’s got nothing to do with good economic policy and more to do with gaining power and holding it.

Step Three.   Insure that there is a never ending supply of funds to spread the lies and propaganda that will keep  all us serfs in line and walking in lock step with the one true party.  The propaganda machine is in place and has been for a decade or more.  FOX news, Rush Limbaugh and lesser demons like Ann Coulter have been spreading the manure for years but what was needed was a way to spread the shit without anyone knowing where it was coming from.  It might upset the Serfs if they knew that a handful of billionaires were out to screw their collective asses, so along comes Citizens United vs. the U.S. in which the Supreme Court decided in a 5-4 vote that Corporations were people too.  No one believes this crock of crap, not even the ones that wanted it.  It’s just another tool that will be used to drive the nails that will close the lid on the coffin of a free and democratic America.

 Now we have "Super Pacs" that are pouring billions into campaign propaganda without having to be accountable for its content.  Granted it is available to all but the GOP has an edge.  Look at Wisconsin.   The people were successful in getting a recall vote for the Republican union busting Governor and it looked for a time like they might actually pull it off.  The Billionaire bosses that own the Republican Party start pouring propaganda money into the election and low and behold the Governor now suddenly has a comfortable lead.   MONEY can and does buy elections because people are fucking stupid and vote accordingly.  

 STEP FOUR:   An ongoing process of eliminating the problematic situation of certain ethnic groups voting for Democrats in large numbers.  They can’t use Jim Crow laws anymore so they have cleverly conjured up non existent voter fraud and a need to require photo IDs in order to vote.  I kind of smell a rat in this wood pile since all of the  legislation of this kind has come from Republican legislatures in mostly Red states and effects predominantly those who are likely democratic voters.  Nothing scares Republithugs more that people of color that vote.   If you want to look at a case of blatant fraud do a little research on how FL Gov. Jeb Bush and his todie Kathleen Harris purged the Voter Roll of Felons some 8 – 10 thousand of them.  The problem was that a large percentage of these purged voters weren’t felons they were just African Americans who never committed any crime at all.   Think about it.  Bush became president by a few hundred votes that gave him the electoral victory even though he lost the popular vote by more than half a million votes.  Do you think a few thousand bogus purges made a difference?  This worked so well that now these scumbags are doing everything they can to make sure that certain people find it difficult to cast their vote.

The Republicans are well on their way to winning the country for their corporate bosses and will toss bones to the religious dopes at the expense of freedom and what once was a constitutional democracy.   The 2012 Republican battle cry is get God back into Government and the nigger out of our White House.

Who do we have to defend us against this Juggernaut?   The wimpy party of  NO NADS, sometimes called Democrats.  A disorganized group of whining assholes that likes to complain but doesn’t seem to be able to keep from snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.   The only thing that will save this country is a Third party that will crush the Status Quo and overhaul our system of government starting with elections, imposing term limits and getting the money out of politics.    We need the pirates to outlaw piracy.  Good luck with that.

UPDATE   10-6-13

It would seem that some of my original observations were somewhat flawed which is surprising since I am not at all flawed.  If you believe that crap I have a creation story to sell you.  Anyway I was wrong when I stated  "The Republicans are well on their way to winning the country for their corporate bosses."    The Republican party no longer exists or functions as intended, for the sole benefit if it's corporate bosses  much to the distress of the old guard.   It would seem that the prophecy of Berry Goldwater has come to pass and the monster that was created to produce reliable votes has taken over the party.  The House of Representatives has a GOP Majority and a goober minority that found a way to
control their party bosses.  It was easy actually,  what does any congressman fear more than loosing his seat and having to get a real job?  NOTHING that's what.  Most of the GOP in the house come from butt red gerrymandered districts so it's the primary challenge that is feared not the Democrats.  This fear is then manipulated by a minority of extreme right morons and effectively renders the main stream Republican members impotent with very few exceptions.    These goobers have managed to grab Speaker Boehner by the balls and render him ineffective simply because like most politicians he values his speaker ship more than he does doing what's right.  When did Ted Cruz become house speaker?  I don't think Goldwater had any idea how bad it would really get.  I don't mind seeing a sick and old political party go down the shitter, I do care if  it's moron members take the rest of the country down with it.  They have reduced the legislative process to something akin to a school yard argument.  The results have the potential to not only damage our economy but the entire world economy.  The last economic disaster like whats coming ended in WW2.   I honestly believe that these assholes are deliberately pushing my country and the world to Armageddon to fulfill their fucked up prophecy. 

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