How and Why the Tea Party got Started

Ever hear the old  piece of wisdom “ Be careful what you wish for, you might get it?”

I think I am solely responsible for the appearance of the Tea Party.  It’s all my fault and I take full responsibility.   Some years ago when I was still a registered Republican and thought Reganomics was sound economic policy I began to see some cracks in the conservative realm in that one day I woke up and suddenly saw this growing pile of Bull Shit that passes for Government.  Sometime during the term of George H. W. Bush who I still think was a good president overall and I voted for in 1988, I became enamored with Ross Perot.  This guy with his charts and speeches was starting to make sense and I voted for him twice.  Yah, I know I was one of the assholes responsible for Bill Clinton and his puke liberal minions taking the 1992 election.  I humbly apologize for the 8 years of peace and prosperity not to mention the entertainment value of the Clinton Administration. I don't know what was funnier, hummers in the oval office or the Republicans running around like crazed weasels trying to hang his ass.  What a fool I was. What’s done is done so let’s move on. 

I  watched with great anticipation as the first elected Reform party candidate took the oath of office as Governor of Minnesota.  For those of you who forgot this obscure piece of history that was former pro wrestler Jesse Ventura, who true to his word served one term.  Just when I thought I had found a new political home along came Pat Buchanan who some how won the Reform Party nomination and took it far right, passed where I was trying to get the hell away from in the first place.  Now I do have some respect for Buchanan simply because he is straight forward and doesn’t try to bull shit  me.  He says it like he sees it and you can count on where he stands.  I even agree with some of his thinking even though a lot of it is way out there to the right. I was pissed, I just saw the end of my dream and now comes the reason why I am responsible for the appearance of the Tea Party.  

My Christian faith was getting weaker by the day so I decided to go the pagan rout and consult a Witch that I knew that lived way out in the woods in an old shack down by the swamp and an old church cemetery.  I paid her some big dollars enough to keep her in eye of Newt (not Gingrich) and wing of Bat (Bat Shit comes later) and she got on her lap top and  typed out then printed the instructions for creating a third political party using black magic.  It was pretty straight forward except it had some distasteful tasks that needed to be preformed.  Why do all the spells you need  make you go into an old cemetery and dig up some smelly disgusting rotting corpse and chant weird incantations about Pumpkin Head or something and why does it have to be in the middle of the night.  To be honest with you it kind of scared the crap out of me but damn it, I was a Marine and I never let fear or common sense stand in my frikken way.  Sooooooo I did it then  ran off to the nearest bar and got shit drunk.  No one would sit near me at the bar cause I apparently smelled like a morgue. I also may have pissed my pants.

 After this I kind of forgot about it all until low and behold a new party seemed to appear.  The problem was it wasn’t a real political party but instead a more malignant form of the already uglier GOP.  I’m thinkin this can’t  be good.  It’s as if a  once admired person in your life  turned out to be a nasty asshole and then grew a second head that was even uglier and nastier the first one.  For a long time I wondered, how the hell did this happen? Then to my horror I realized it was me and my twisted godless wish to conjure up a third political party at any cost.  Crap, I was pissed at that damned old witch for not telling me the whole truth, I think she works for FOX News now, her name is Anne something, has a couple of books out, anyway, I was going back there and demand my money back. I then though better of it seeing as how she would probably make my hair fall out and give me a hump and a bad smell, kind of like the crap she made me dig up in the cemetery,  “Pumpkin” something or other.  For once I took the common sense rout and just accepted the financial loss. But the damage was done and I knew that it was going to take an army of organized Americans with common sense and the will to change the evil course I had helped steer us toward.

So you see boys and girls sometimes when you want something real bad and it seems real important that you accomplish what you want to do, don’t start praying or god forbid go to a witch for a spell.  That’s the lame and lazy path which will accomplish nothing and might even turn out much worse than you ever thought it could.  The real solution is GET OFF YOUR LAZY DUMB ASSES AND GO OUT AND DO WHAT IT TAKES TO GET IT DONE.  Read and research before you decide and think before you vote.  If you don’t have the brains or are to lazy to do it right you’re not just a part of the problems we have, you are the problem and you deserve what you get.

“If stupidity got us into this mess what makes you think stupidity will get us out of it?”                                                   Samuel Clemens  (Mark Twain)

Prayor is ok, I see nothing wrong with it unless it replaces proper action.  Let me ask this.  If a man needs to build a house which one will accomplish the task  first?  The one who sits for hours on end and prays for direction and guidance or the one who uses the brains he was given and the skills he has learned gets of his knees and gets it done?
                                                                                           The gospel according to wolf

Disclaimer    My reference to an evil witch is this writing was not intended to represent the followers of Wicca as evil witches.  I know you are nice nature loving people who adhere to your one commandment,  “Do what ye will but do no harm”.  The only reason I am not a wiccan is because I can’t be trusted with magic powers of any kind  because I‘m bad tempered and I drink. 

Note:  President George H. W Bush has my respect not because he was perfect but because he actually fought in his fighter plane and risked his life to serve his country and never uttered the idiotic words “mission accomplished” on National TV like a grand standing asshole. He also displayed some intelligence and had some talent as a diplomat. They say the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree but in this case I think the best part of Dubya ran down the back of Barbara’s fat ass.

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